Mariënhage Monastery Hotel – A Heavenly Stay in Eindhoven

Welcome to Hotel Mariënhage, a boutique monastery hotel located in the heart of Eindhoven, where the rich history of the ancient Mariënhage monastery merges with today’s luxury and comfort. Discover the enchanting ambiance of our hotel, infused with the spiritual and cultural heritage of this historic monument.

The History of Mariënhage Monastery

The story of Mariënhage Monastery begins in the 13th century when it was founded by the Augustinian Order. Situated on the fertile grounds of Eindhoven, the monastery quickly flourished into a centre of spirituality, education, and art. Throughout the centuries, Mariënhage underwent various transformations, but its essence as a place of contemplation and community remained unchanged.

Over time, the monastery served as a refuge for pilgrims, a source of knowledge for scholars, and an oasis of tranquillity for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. The majestic architecture and serene gardens reflect the simplicity and humility that characterized the Augustinian Order, while the spirit of devotion is still palpable in every stone and corner of the grounds.

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A Contemporary Retreat

Today, the former Mariënhage monastery serves as the home of Hotel Mariënhage, an oasis of luxury and comfort in the vibrant centre of Eindhoven. Guests are welcomed into an enchanting environment where the historical charm of the monastery harmoniously blends with modern amenities and world-class hospitality.

The DOMUSDELA complex, in which Hotel Mariënhage is located, offers a unique experience where guests can indulge in luxurious accommodations, exquisite culinary delights, and a range of facilities, all within reach of the finest attractions that Eindhoven has to offer.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a business meeting, or a spiritual retreat, Hotel Mariënhage provides the perfect setting to relax, rejuvenate, and savour the timeless beauty of Mariënhage Monastery.

Experience the magic of the past and the splendour of the present with a stay at Hotel Mariënhage – where history comes to life and memories are made.